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Grace College Student Experience

Project Funding Progress: 32.4%





Project Goal: $7 Million

Studies show that students who engage and participate in activities on campus have a significantly higher chance of degree completion and ultimate success in life. At Grace, we also know that for students to benefit the most from our supportive Christian community, they must have ample opportunities to connect with others in small and large group settings. In order to assure that our growing student body continues to have ample opportunities to build community in small and large groups, Grace is seeking $7 million to create third spaces for our students to learn and grow.

What are third spaces? With third space settings our students will have a place outside of their dorm rooms (first space) and their classrooms (second space) to create memories, develop traditions, make life-changing decisions, and debate ideas.

Project details are still in development and we believe well-designed Third Spaces will create space for learning and living that clearly supports our mission.